Academic Experience

Beyond Academics

At Mount Litera Zee Schools, Jabalpur, we focus on co-scholastic activities for the all-round development of students. Our emerging student profile (ESP) put equal emphasis on knowledge, life skills and values. MLZS goes beyond academics to ensure that we provide students sufficient opportunities for achieving the ESP.

The Sports

“The power of the human will to compete and the drive to excel beyond the body’s normal capabilities is most beautifully demonstrated in the arena of sports”.. Aimee Mullins
Play time is one of the most valuable aspects of a child’s growth phase because it encompasses the benefits of physical activity with mental alertness. Playing different kinds of games helps the children in developing their physical as well as mental strength, combining imagination with dexterity. Through games, the children engage in different activities and build a healthy relationship with the world around them. At MLZS, we emphasize on letting each and every child explore his/her own potential in the sports that they love and then we nurture their talent and train them to be the best. Here at MLZS, we offer………………

  • Badminton: - It’s a great racquet sport that offers a lot of benefits for the players. We organize Inter-house competitions and based on their performance, the students are selected and trained for further levels of competition like zonal, district and state level.
  • Chess: - The brain game chess, assists the children in becoming sharp, analytical thinkers. Playing chess helps in improving IQ and problem-solving skills which is essential for day to day competitive life.
  • Basketball: - It is an excellent game to train our body and its coordinating skill. It helps in maintaining the flexibility and the core strength.
  • Skating: - This is one game which is both fun and an energy booster. It helps in improving body balance, agility and endurance.
  • Rifle shooting: - This sport is all about patience, accuracy and precision. Here we train the students in developing the above mentioned qualities in order to become better participants.
  • Cricket: - The most loved game in India and in many countries. Through this game the students develop their stamina, patience, physical fitness and critical thinking capacity.
  • Lawn tennis: - This is another sport which can play a key role in developing some of the very important qualities like flexibility, core strength and aerobic reflexes.
  • Football: - This is a game which requires enormous amount of energy, physical strength and a lot of concentration. Children develop these qualities which are essential to excel not only in sports but also in the arena of day-to-day life.
  • Table tennis: - This sport needs a lot of concentration,fantastic hand-eye coordination with feline reflexes. Students are trained and encouraged to take their game to the next level through effective coaching

The Clubs

  • Literati:
    The Literary club of MLZS is very well organized and constructed around the theme ‘Learn & Grow’. This extraordinary club boasts of an immense amount of learning resources to help the students in learning and enhancing their literary skills. The club is committed to grooming the effective communication skills among the students and inculcating a fondness for language.
    • Extempore, elocution, debate et cetera.
    • Creative Writing Activities
    • Public Speaking Skill Development
    • Skit Presentation
    • Vocabulary Building Activities
  • Wellness Club:
    This health club is established to maintain good health and hygienic environment for the students because a healthy student is an asset to the institution.
    • Health Checkup Camps
    • Inculcating Healthy Habits
    • Awareness Program for Healthy Lifestyle
  • Nature the Nature:
    The Nature Club is all about nature and its conservation. Since the institution also boasts of green surroundings, we educate the children about nature and its resources and most importantly about its importance in our life
    • Awareness Program on Environment Conservation
    • Understanding Biodiversity of surrounding
    • Planting Saplings
    • Exhibition on Environment
    • Slogan & drawing competition
    • Adventure Activities
  • Computer Club:
    This club enables the children to equip themselves with skills that will pave a path for a better technologically advanced life. The students are trained in technical skills and gain better knowledge of computer science concepts.
    • Sessions on safe browsing
    • Internet Safety and its rules & regulations
    • Blog Writing
  • Creative Club:
    The Arts and Crafts club plays a pivotal role in lightening the creative amber in children. The club helps the children in mastering their imagination and brings it to reality.
    Students use their creative mind and skills to make different objects ,exploring different mediums to express their creativity.
    KNACK, Arts and Crafts exhibition is organised.
  • Heritage Club:
    This club enriches the students’ knowledge of the rich heritage of our country and makes them realize the need for protecting it and practicing it. The club encourages the children to develop the sense of pride about our heritage.
    • Awareness programs on our culture and history
    • Sessions on exploring the local heritage and how to conserve them
  • Parent Partner Club:
    The institution believes that the parents are the key partners in their wards’ learning. We involve the parents in our activities to maintain that balance required for the better nurturing of the child.
    • Parent Orientation
    • Grand Parent's Day
    • Father's Day

Music and Dance

The music club is a place where the children come and explore themselves in different music forms. Playing with different musical instruments helps them in realizing their talent and honing their skills in the same, Along with learning to appreciate the good music. The true expression of people is in dance and s music. Dance helps children to mature physically, emotionally and cognitively, making their body flexible . We train the students in recognizing different forms of dance and educate them to appreciate it as well.
  • Dance Workshops are organised under the aegis of SPIC-MACAY
  • Famous dancers are invited to share their knowledge and dancing techniques.

Field Trips

Trips and excursions are the means of learning, at MLZS, we organize field trips for the students according to their standards. The students are taken to different places like factories, gardens, retail shops, farms , post office et cetera. The students gain practical knowledge of working and maintenance of the respective places.

NOTE : Above facilities are under management jurisdiction and can be changed .